Who Are We?

Welcome to Fusion Media House Productions, which specialize in Graphics and Media. It is an in house production in the southwest region and London, dedicated to giving people the chance to express themselves through the means of film and photography.

We also work alongside other freelance businesses to promote awareness, attract and help provide for those who are involved in media entertainment, including models, actors and music artists delivered through multiple divisions.

Our Core Values


Collaborating with parties akin to and aligned with the company philosophy in order to achieve a high standard of product.


Be consistent in offering the best for wonderful experience


Being efficient and effective in our approach to give best solution each time


To innovate and continuously produce creative ideas with a view to shaping and improving our world


To act with honesty and integrity without compromising our policy


We strive to produce the very best images possible for our clients in a timely manner.

Why Us?

We know what types of media boost business I there sales and conversation rates. All our prices are tailored to every individual project, as we do not believe in a one price fits all policy.

We take time to go though each project brief to arrive at a quote that best fits the work that needs to be done but most importantly we want to provide a quotation that our clients will be happy to pay that little bit extra for.

How It Works

The concept is very simple and it keeps you, the customer, in control at all times. All our prices are tailored to every individual project, as we do not believe in a one price fits all policy. We offer competitive prices tailored to individual projects whilst till maintaining a high quality service in the work we produce regardless of how small or complicated the brief.

Our aim is to provide high quality designs and productions and can discuss directly with clients any additional design services, which we may be able to offer. At Fusion Media House Productions we strive for excellence and success when involved in projects. Our designs are creative and innovative with the client’s requirements in mind at all times.

Our Satisfied Clients